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About Paula Wilson


M.Ed., B.Com.
Educational Kinesiologist
Certified Brain GymŪ and Rhythmic Movement Training Practitioner

I have been an adult educator and learning consultant with business, government and university organisations, as well as the public for sixteen years, and since 2003 assisted students of all ages, teachers and parents through my learning centre.

At fifteen years old, a ferocious desire to understand 'how people learn and access their potential' grew out of a personal experience where I lost access to my photographic memory. More than a decade later I found my way to movement-based learning processes and the transformation in my reading and concentration abilities were life-changing.

I'm passionate about creating vibrant learning and developing the vital physical skills that underpin all higher-order learning activities. I love helping people access their potential and create a new baseline of ease. My special interests are in reading, writing and concentration difficulties, attention disorders, emotional and social development, and compassionate communication.

I am an experienced and energetic presenter, who regularly informs and facilitates experiential and transformative processes for audiences in a range of settings from international to local conferences.

Paul Dennison's words ring true for me, that one's pain and one's gift are located close together in the deepest part of the self. Vital Moves individual learning program, Switch-On at Work workshop, and Moving Together - Communication to connect with each other and ourselves course have been created in response to my own personal and professional experiences. The new course, Moving Together, is the first to go through the Australian Brain Gym course accreditation process.

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Paula Wilson explains how brain gym can help people and groups in Brisbane Queensland


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Brisbane based Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training Practitioner

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