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Moving Together Moving Together
Connecting with each other and ourselves



Brain Gym 101

About this course

Moving Together is a provisionally accredited national, pilot Brain Gym course that introduces Compassionate Communication in an experiential way to people familiar with the Brain Gym learning process. It is a practical guide to help us reframe how we hear others and express ourselves.

Imagine the peace, ease and relief that comes from enriching your capacity to communicate and connect with people of all ages at home and at work.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • speak your mind and be fully heard
  • quieten those inner critical voices
  • understand that everyone's needs matter and can be met peacefully
  • resolve conflict without blame or judgment
  • be fully present when people are in distress
  • give yourself "emergency empathy" when buttons get pushed.
You will integrate new patterns of compassionate communication for natural and fluent use in real life situations.

Moving Together course is currently a level 200 provisionally accredited pilot Edu-K course.

How long is the course?

16 hours spread over two days.

Who is this course for?

The training hours will count for Brain Gym Instructors as part of their Continuing Education hours. For Brain Gym students this is not yet part of the core curriculum and course hours cannot be counted immediately as an elective in the training track to become a Brain Gym instructor/consultant. Once the course is fully accredited then these course hours can be counted retrospectively.

Where can I do it?

You can enrol in a public course, see the calendar or contact me to learn more about training or presentations in your setting.

What do my past course participants say?

"excellent to use straight away"
"the shift was so clear"
"great, clever, 'heartful' and a 'real' balance"
"powerful and profound"
"so powerful, yet so gentle"


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