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Brain Gym Brisbane - Educational Kinesiology Learn Brain Gym
Educational Kinesiology to enhance living and learning

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym is a gentle and energising program of movement designed to release tense muscles, improve brain and body communication, create a state of active relaxation, and improve concentration, organisation and co-ordination. Brain Gym® movements prepare the brain and nervous system for optimal performance. They are ideal for anyone undertaking a learning activity.

How can I learn Brain Gym?

I offer four options:

  1. Vibrant Learning: Introduction to Brain Gym in the classroom and home.
    A flexible presentation or workshop tailored to your setting

  2. Brain Gym 101 (level 1)
    An internationally accredited 32 hour course

  3. Optimal Brain Organisation (level 2)
    An internationally accredited 24 hour course

  4. Mentoring
    For students on the training track to become a Brain Gym instructor/consultant.

Vibrant Learning
Introduction to Brain Gym® in the classroom and home

As a parent or teacher, discover the ease, clear-headedness and "on-top-of-the-world" sensation that children get from using Brain Gym® to connect with the full force of their being when they concentrate, read, write, find calm and coordinate their body.

Vibrant Learning introduces you to Brain Gym and teaches you how to use some elements of the process to assist your students or children. No matter what challenges they face, the Brain Gym® movements can help them to awaken their natural abilities, and free them to move, learn, grow and thrive.

Book now

I can deliver a one-hour presentation or a half- or full-day workshop, depending on your needs. Contact me to discuss your needs, and arrange a presentation or workshop at your next meeting, conference or in-house training or professional development session. See the calendar for public workshop dates.

Brain Gym® 101
Internationally accredited level 1 training


None. This is a foundation course.

About the course

In Brain Gym 101 you will learn:

  • The role of movement in learning
  • The Brain Gym movement program
  • The physiological basis of Brain Gym
  • Why Brain Gym movements work
  • Kinesiology techniques
  • Two repatterning sequences
  • When to use Brain Gym for yourself and with others
  • A powerful five step balance process
  • Specific balances for improving reading, writing, spelling, organisational skills, attention, comprehension, coordination and your capacity to reduce stress.

Who is this course for?

The Brain Gym® 101 course is beneficial for:

  • teachers of children from prep to tertiary
  • adults working with children diagnosed as 'learning disabled', 'hyperactive', 'Attention Deficit Disorder' or 'Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder'
  • parents wishing to assist their children
  • business people aiming to improve productivity and decision making skills
  • adults interested in managing stress, health issues and positive life changes
  • adult learners
  • anyone wishing to train in educational kinesiology.

How long is the course?

32 hours spread over four days.

Where can I do it?

You can enrol in a public course, see the calendar for more details.

What do my past workshop participants say?

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop. I so enjoyed it and feel enthused about using it to help students. You are a really wonderful facilitator and made us feel relaxed and at ease".
"I really liked noticing positive changes in myself after a balance, practical hands on approach, building up the components slowly and being comfortable with them before moving on".
"Thank you for a very informative four days. Your delivery of the course was excellent as I feel I now have a clearer understanding of what Brain Gym is about and your extensive knowledge of the topic was reassuring".
"Thank you Paula for a fabulous journey!"

A Brain Gym testimonial

"Brain Gym was fantastic and life-changing experience that I would suggest to anyone eager to discover him/herself and enhance his/her brain performance for any purpose. Before I learned Brain Gym with Paula, I had difficulty with my learning which had affected my study experience at university. I found it very difficult to concentrate properly and I was totally reluctant when it came to writing and reading. I thought I would never gain the learning skills needed at university and be able to write an essay but, after doing the Brain Gym 101 course and some individual sessions, my life has changed.

Brain Gym has allowed me to succeed in my IELTS test with an overall band of 7, which I am extremely happy with. What's amazing is the 6.5 in writing!!! It was very stressful studying in Italy after I left Australia, but by doing Brain Gym and applying myself I managed to reach my goal of studying at London Metropolitan University, and am very delighted for that."
Fabrizio Lopes

Optimal Brain Organisation
Internationally accredited level 2 training


Brain Gym 101

About the course

The course acknowledges the dynamic nature of the brain and explores patterns of visual and auditory specialisation and their effects on learning and behaviour. Understand more about the many different profiles for learning we have depending on what we are doing at any given time. Learn about the effects of sidedness and specialization in brain-body functioning and how to access optimal performance. Explore your hemispheric lead for speech, language and writing. The Balances focus on honouring your learning profile, accessing your resourceful state, and enhancing dexterity and sensory organization. The course also has an expanded learning menu with Energy Exercise variations.

Who is this course for?

For Level 2 Brain Gym students; this course can be used towards completing your practitioner certification.
For certified Brain Gym practitioners; the 24 course hours contribute towards your ongoing professional development requirements to maintain certification.

How long is the course?

24 hours spread over three days.

Where can I do it?

You can enrol in a public course, see the calendar.


Imagine moving forward with the full force of your being as you express your Brain Gym and Edu-K knowledge and skills within the communities and settings you connect with. Brain Gym® courses focus on learning formal Edu-K processes and giving you supervised practice, where the instructor's explicit knowledge is expressed in words and shared in the form of written ideas and manuals. The saying: "We know more than we can tell" sums up my experience. This mentoring program enables the transmission of tacit knowledge, which is hard to formalise - for example: insights and intuition.

What can mentoring help you with?

  • Tune into the 'art' of facilitating Balances in a private practice or workplace environment. Collins Australian dictionary says: "An activity is an art when it requires a lot of skill or ability, e.g. the art of conversation". Facilitating Balances in a professional capacity requires improvisation, flexibility and confidence about what you are doing.
  • Step into a professional capacity with the resources and tools to make it a success. There's more to professional practice than just doing a Balance. My professional practice has grown from insights and profound learning in how to translate course learning into professional services that people have confidence in.
  • Bring through your passions, gifts and potential, to clarify what you will place your attention on - when sharing Brain Gym. Paul Dennison's words ring true for me, that one's pain and one's gift are located close together in the deepest part of the self. Ultimately we need to bring together our spirits, our hearts, our bodies and our minds into an expression that is uniquely ours.

How does it work?

  • Four experiential group sessions at three hours duration, scheduled once a month. Dates and times each month are negotiated and agreed upon by mentees and myself. Maximum of four mentees per group.
  • Three topic areas: the 'art'; creating quality learning support services; clarity and focus with passion, gifts & potential.
  • Three additional topic areas identified by mentees.
  • Fieldwork activities to be completed between sessions.
  • One major project to develop and deliver a Brain Gym® activity in a setting of your choice.
  • Individual guidance during the four months.
  • Apply now

    To apply contact me for an application form.

    How long is the course?

    24 hours spread over three days.

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    Brain Gym Brisbane Educational Kinesiology to enhance living and learning

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